Dove sono i bei momenti?





About six hours before, I was shopping in the supermarket of CHICONI with lillianna. Not only my mind but also my body was going mad. There might be somebody else standing behind me and controlling all my consciousness.
My purpose was clearly making the credit card has no more remains. In fact CHICONI is so far away from our dormitory for me that I'd like to keep the money until the deadline approached. Crazy shopping always makes me feel joyful. However too many remains leave me a thorny problem: I didn't know what to buy. Between-meal nibbles would be divided up in a wink by all roommates. There was nothing must be got.
Was it right or wrong? Without any consideration, I just took many commodities into our shopping basket and went straight on and on......It was possible that I needn't them at all.
Finally, eighty percent of our trophies were food. It's mean that I could stay in home in at least two weeks from now on and avoid going downstairs to eat meals in the mess hall.

もう一度, 私はなります 御宅族 OTL


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